This truck belonged to my friend and neighbor, Lacy Boyles.  He had been working on it for years and he had used it in the past to help friends and neighbors haul whatever they needed nearby.   He had dreamed of putting it in the town parade one day and using it for hay rides at Halloween around the neighborhood.   We decided last minute to try to finish this for Lacy before he passed.   Here are the pictures and videos of what that group accomplished in 1 week.   We will make sure that his dream of putting it in the parade is fulfilled and that the truck can live on locally as a tribute to him.

Thank you to the following people for helping to make this happen

Tim Connelly for rounding up this group and all his late nights,  Troy Willix for all his knowledge without which we would not have got this running,  Rod Barrel for his fantastic painting and body working skills.  Mike Wilcox for all his metal work and that fantastic logo for the door, Ira Trexler for restoring that grille to its former glory, Randy Determan and Paul Visconti for a fantastic detail job.  

And finally to Pam, Jason and Matt, Lacy was a kind and generous man.  We hope that this will bring some joy and rememberance for you and everyone that knew him.